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The New Forge Knowledge Place is an online marketplace where technical experts can share their knowledge on demand.

Users can simply search through a database of technical experts and schedule a call for remote help, anywhere in the world, in real-time. Through New Forge Knowledge Place, users can also buy or rent pre-made work instructions made by experts in their field. These include ready-to-use SOPs, inspection processes, manufacturing workflows, and much more.

Be There without Being There ​ with New Forge Knowledge Place​

Imagine implementing a way to quickly resolve technical issues, get immediate support of an expert to help with manufacturing equipment installations, and have access to technical support at any time.

With New Forge Knowledge Place, you can accomplish all of these things and more.

Instead of waiting hours or days for an outside technician to be on-site at your business, New Forge Knowledge Place allows you to have immediate assistance (saving you time and avoiding potential money loss due to unexpected production downtime).

Operate More Efficiently​

Reduce Travel-Increase Uptime

New Forge helps reduce the time your experts travel, increasing uptime and customer satisfaction. If you’re not focused on the efficiency and uptime of your customers’ equipment, Remote Support using assisted reality can help.

Reduce Scrap-Increase Effectiveness

End of quarter demand spikes? Assisted reality and smartglasses increase your effectiveness, quality and employee morale. Whether you’re a finished-goods picking, third-party logistics company or assembly product, assisted reality enables your workforce to be hands-free while receiving the information they need.

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Answer: “We can all benefit by freeing our hands to maintain situational awareness, but specifically workers who need their hands free to do their work and who want to be connected to their workforce and data will benefit greatly. Smart Glass Devices are designed for those who want hands-free computing and connectivity.

Smart glass devices provide a hands-free, voice-activated user interface (UI) to start a support call, talk through the issue at hand and complete the call all while remaining hands free. The speech command recognition is designed to work in extremely noisy environments. Using speech commands and head-tracking, the device literally frees your hands to effectively accomplish critical tasks with the support of experts from anywhere in the world. 

Our customers have multiple options for securing their devices on the corporate or facility network. These range from native Android features such as user profiles and PIN numbers to enterprise Mobile Device Management systems, many of whom have optimized their solutions for the smart glasses, to The Knowledge Place Cloud which provides some basic management features focused on the SMART GLASS DEVICES. Of course, your security needs are highly specific to your organization. We would be happy to discuss your organization’s enterprise security approach and advise you on how the smart glass devices can securely fit into your environment with confidence. Please contact to arrange for a detailed conversation with our product team.  Any hotspot connectivity would use the security protocols you set up with the provider.

The device was designed for you to maintain full situational awareness, so no, the devices are purposefully designed to sit just below/above your line of sight, about one inch away from your eye, allowing you to retain full horizontal peripheral vision.

Absolutely! Both the HMT-1 and M400 can be used with eyewear, especially when used with hardhat connections which allows for any type of prescription or safety glasses.  Hard hat connectors can be found here.  The HMT-1 can be used as-is with any glass wear you desire. The M400 does have the option of prescription ready safety frames also.  That can be found here.

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