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We can all benefit by freeing our hands to maintain situational awareness, but specifically workers who need their hands free to do their work and who want to be connected to their workforce and data will benefit greatly. Smart Glass Devices are designed for those who want hands-free computing and connectivity. For a list of industries currently using the The New Forge Knowledge Place solution visit our solutions page here.

All are purpose-built, most are industrial-grade head-mounted and designed for rugged use. For more information on those offered, check out our white paper here.

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Android 8.1. It is specially modified to “hands-free” your Android application. Learn more here: https://www.newforge.pro/support.

A total of twelve languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Polish and Thai languages.

Smart glass devices provide a hands-free, voice-activated user interface (UI) to start a support call, talk through the issue at hand and complete the call all while remaining hands free. The speech command recognition is designed to work in extremely noisy environments. Using speech commands and head-tracking, the device literally frees your hands to effectively accomplish critical tasks with the support of experts from anywhere in the world.

Our customers have multiple options for securing their devices on the corporate or facility network. These range from native Android features such as user profiles and PIN numbers to enterprise Mobile Device Management systems, many of whom have optimized their solutions for the smart glasses, to The Knowledge Place Cloud which provides some basic management features focused on the SMART GLASS DEVICES. Of course, your security needs are highly specific to your organization. We would be happy to discuss your organization’s enterprise security approach and advise you on how the smart glass devices can securely fit into your environment with confidence. Please contact support@newforgetech.com to arrange for a detailed conversation with our product team.  Any hotspot connectivity would use the security protocols you set up with the provider.

The device was designed for you to maintain full situational awareness, so no, the devices are purposefully designed to sit just below/above your line of sight, about one inch  away from your eye, allowing you to retain full horizontal peripheral vision.

Absolutely! Both the HMT-1 and M400 can be used with eyewear, especially when used with hardhat connections which allows for any type of prescription or safety glasses.  Hard hat connectors can be found here.  The HMT-1 can be used as-is with any glass wear you desire. The M400 does have the option of prescription ready safety frames also.  That can be found here. 

Currently, only landscape mode. The landscape orientation enables optimal visibility and retains peripheral visibility while using the device.

The HMT-1 weighs about 380 grams. The M400 weighs about 140 grams. 

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Getting Started with the Devices

Press and hold the power button on the camera side of the device for three seconds. The device logo will appear in the display pod when the system is booting up. To power off, press and hold the power button again for three seconds.

Position the display pod for use with your dominant eye. TIP: To determine your dominant eye, target a distant object through a small opening formed using your two hands. The eye you most naturally use is dominant. A quick web search will yield many instructions on how to determine your dominant eye, or you can check out our user manual here.  Position the Display Pod just below/above your line of sight, about an inch from your eye. Using the display should be like looking at the dashboard of a car or your rearview mirror.

Make sure that you are using your dominant eye and that devices are adjusted properly. For more information, please see the Getting Started Guide included in the box or here.

The devices are designed for hands-free work. Depending on the device, there are voice commands and other methods you can use to navigate the software and the operating system. You can find specific information for the RealWear HMT-1 here, for the Vuzix M400 here and for the Glass EE2 here.

Both the HMT-1 and M400 supports both 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi. There are four ways to connect and configure Devices. NOTE: Make sure you are permitted by your company to be connected to a network and that you are complying with your company’s security protocols.