Special Enterprise Account Offer: Invitation Only

Get the Help You Need with Equipment Experts On Demand, Remote Support, and Step-by-Step Instructions.

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Access Skilled Experts, Reduce Machine Downtime With One Click

NewForge has launched the beta version of our platform NewForge Knowledge Place connecting manufacturing experts worldwide with technicians in real-time, with the use of smartglasses.

Case Study

Bühler, a global supply chain company, utilized our Assisted Reality platform and saw a 35% improvement in efficiency, saving them $30k a day. They also experienced a 55% reduction in travel expenses and a 22% uptick in customer support satisfaction.

Special Enterprise Account Offer: Invitation Only.
For a limited time, sign up for an Enterprise Account one-year subscription* to NewForge Knowledge Place and receive everything you need to get started for $900. Starter KIT Contains:

RealWear HMT-1 KIT + 1 user with 1 year of KnowledgePlace Enterprise license – AR Remote Assistance calling + Assisted Reality Work Instructions!

  • HMT-1
  • Preinstalled Swappable Battery (3250 mAh Li-Ion)
  • USB-C Cable
  • Workband (Premium Designed Headband for HMT-1)
  • Hardcase
  • Spare Battery (3250 mAh Li-Ion)
  • 30 minute onboarding call

*Offer limited to the first 20 customers to subscribe.