NewForge Knowledge Place: The New Face of Equipment Maintenance

In today’s manufacturing landscape, equipment downtime is more than an inconvenience; it’s a challenge that disrupts operations and eats into profits.  

The ongoing shortage of skilled workers and the growing complexity of machinery have only made the issue worse.  

But what if there was a solution that could bring you the machinery knowledge you need, streamlining your operations rather than adding to your workload? 

NewForge, a leader in augmented reality (AR) and smart glass solutions in manufacturing and logistics, is publicly launching the beta of their new platform, NewForge Knowledge Place.  

Through the combined power of artificial intelligence and augmented reality, NewForge Knowledge Place is revolutionizing equipment maintenance, delivering instant on-demand knowledge, reducing downtime and increasing ROI.  

What is NewForge Knowledge Place?

NewForge Knowledge Place is the revolutionary new online platform that bridges the gap between equipment questions and expert answers using the power of AI and AR.  

Think of it as the central hub for all your equipment maintenance questions with powerful avenues for accessing instant expert knowledge.  

Knowledge Place provides ExpertAI, the powerful tool that uses generative AI to give instant help. Not only does ExpertAI provide quick troubleshooting answers, but it also creates customized work instructions that capture and streamline processes. 

Users can also search through Knowledge Place’s digital database of experts and schedule a call with them to receive remote help in real time. Through Knowledge Place’s AR software, experts can not only see the issue but also give clear and concise assistance. 

How does it work?


ExpertAI, the cutting-edge feature within Knowledge Place, empowers users with the instant, on-demand knowledge they need to tackle their equipment challenges. Through the power of artificial intelligence, ExpertAI streamlines troubleshooting and the work instruction creation process.  

ExpertAI operates much like chatting with an AI assistant; you prompt it with your equipment-related questions or needs, and it generates tailored solutions for you.   

While these could be simple answers to troubleshooting questions, what sets ExpertAI apart is its ability to generate comprehensive and detailed work instructions that can be sent to smartglasses or any other mobile device.  

This gives your workforce on-the-go step-by-step guides to their operations.  

ExpertAI transforms complex SOPs, manuals, and guides into something anyone can use. 

When combined with the power of AR and smartglasses, these AI-generated instructions are used in heads-up displays, letting users get all their processes hands-free. Hands-free instructions equate to increased productivity and a reduction in error and downtime.  

Prior to ExpertAI, transforming knowledge into AR work instructions was a manual effort that took time that many people just don’t have. Now it’s a simple process, giving anyone the ability to tap into the power of AR.  

ExpertAI is more than just a tool, it’s a game-changer for industries seeking greater efficiency and productivity.  

Remote Support

NewForge Knowledge Place comes equipped with a database of equipment experts that users can easily book time with and get remote help from anywhere at any time.  

Instead of waiting for an expert or paying extreme fees to get them to travel to you, Knowledge Place lets you get the help you need to get back up and running instantly.  

NewForge Knowledge Place is set apart from other maintenance solutions by its unique AR approach. 

Many industries turn to video calls on smartphones and tablets for remote assistance; however, their software and hardware aren’t specialized to the industry like NewForge Knowledge Place and smartglasses are.  

Smart glasses allow users to take calls hands-free, meaning the person on the other line can see what you’re doing the entire time. The camera sits in line with a user’s eyes, giving the call a virtual over-the-shoulder experience. No more setting down a phone during a call or having a camera point in the wrong direction.  

On top of that, NewForge Knowledge Place makes getting help clear and direct with specialized software features for calls. 

Specialized Calling Features include the ability to: 

  • Take screenshots 
  • Make and share annotations on what the camera is looking at 
  • Share your screen in someone’s line of sight 
  • Remotely control the camera’s flash, zoom, and other features 
  • Automatically generate service reports based on the call 

The combination of NewForge Knowledge Place and smartglasses provides clarity to maintenance personnel in ways other solutions fall short of. Experts can provide direct help at anytime from anywhere, saving you time and money.    

A New Solution to a Persistent Problem

NewForge Knowledge Place is ushering in a new era for equipment maintenance. By blending AI and AR technology, NewForge is providing a seamless and efficient solution to one of manufacturing’s most persistent problems.  

Head to to sign up and embrace the future of equipment maintenance.  

Ready to be a part of the solution? Join NewForge Knowledge Place as an expert, share your valuable insights with others, and get paid for your time! 

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