Top Manufacturing Industry Challenges and How NewForge Helps

The manufacturing industry has long faced a variety of challenges such as dwindling resources including time, people, and skills, increasing global competition, and rising manufacturing costs. NewForge is a system integrator and technology supplier of AR software that helps manufacturers overcome these challenges by providing them with tools to optimize their operations and increase their profits. 

A brief overview of the manufacturing industry and its current challenges

The manufacturing industry is all about creating things, from simple everyday items to complex machinery and equipment. In a world that is constantly changing and advancing, the industry is faced with its own set of challenges. For starters, there’s an ever-growing gap in resources including time, people, and skills. Skilled workers are retiring at a higher rate than ever and taking their years of knowledge with them. 

Additionally, the workforce in this industry requires specialized training for many positions, and companies face a constant struggle to recruit and retain skilled workers. What’s more, with the advancement of technology, there is a constant need for increased security and compliance.

How NewForge is a solution to these challenges

NewForge offers a comprehensive solution designed to help businesses in the manufacturing industry overcome challenges by providing remote assistance from experts, leveraging augmented reality, connecting them with top-tier experts, and offering pre-made work instructions and help via AI. It is a customizable and secure solution, ensuring that users receive high-quality support while keeping their data safe.

Challenge 1: Lack of expertise and equipment knowledge

The manufacturing industry faces a lack of expertise and equipment knowledge. This can lead to prolonged downtime, reduced equipment utilization, inadequate preventative maintenance practices, and safety risks that all have negative impacts on efficiency, performance, and profitability.

How NewForge addresses the challenge

NewForge helps manufacturers overcome these challenges by providing them with access to a network of top-tier experts, real-time remote assistance through live support, AI-generated work instructions, and augmented reality and expert AI for on-demand support.

Access to a network of top-tier experts in various equipment types

NewForge connects businesses  to elite professionals in various equipment types. Our carefully selected experts make up the top 3% of their professions, providing specialized guidance and support for each company’s individual requirements. With NewForge, companies have access to an extensive network of experienced professionals all working to help them with their manufacturing industry challenges.

Real-time remote assistance through live calls and work instructions

NewForge enables manufacturing businesses to receive real-time remote assistance from experts. Technicians can connect with experienced professionals via live calls and, with the use of smartglasses, get guided through troubleshooting processes, as well as have their questions answered.

Step-by-step instructions, generated for equipment maintenance and repair through NewForge’s Expert AI, allows technicians to address issues quickly and reduce equipment downtime. Technicians simply prompt the AI with a question and it does the work for them, scouring through crowd-sourced databases to find a solution in an instant.

Challenge 2: Equipment downtime and maintenance issues

When equipment malfunctions or requires maintenance, the downtime required to address these issues can result in idle production lines, reduced output, and missed deadlines. This, in turn, can increase costs and affect overall business profitability.

How NewForge helps in reducing downtime and improving maintenance

NewForge Knowledge Place is an innovative platform designed to help manufacturing operations reduce downtime and improve maintenance. Businesses have access to technical support from experts, regardless of location; receive real-time guidance during troubleshooting and maintenance. Let’s look at each element in more detail.

Immediate access to technical support from experts regardless of location

With remote assistance sessions available for scheduling, businesses can get real-time support and advice quickly without having to wait for an on-site technician to arrive. This decreases downtime and helps ensure that problems are resolved in a timely manner.

Faster problem resolution through real-time support and guidance

Manufacturers can ensure their equipment remains in good working order with real-time support and guidance. Through live calls and using AR smartglasses, experts are available to remotely assess the situation, provide step-by-step instructions, and help technicians identify and solve problems quickly.

This access to expert knowledge allows businesses to reduce downtime and get their machinery back up and running smoothly.

Challenge 3: Cost optimization and efficiency improvement

Cost optimization and efficiency improvement can be a challenge for manufacturers due to high overhead costs, a complex production process, and having to frequently adjust processes in order to remain competitive. Supply chain management, inventory management, and other cost-saving strategies are essential to optimize efficiency and improve the bottom line.

How NewForge contributes to cost reduction and efficiency improvement

By leveraging the comprehensive tools NewForge provides, companies can streamline operations and achieve greater productivity. Let’s take a look at 3 ways NewForge can help.

Reduced travel costs by reducing the need for on-site technicians

By utilizing NewForge’s remote support capabilities, manufacturers can drastically reduce travel expenses associated with having technicians travel on-site for maintenance and troubleshooting. This reduces the need to bring in outside experts that may incur additional costs and helps save money while still providing access to knowledgeable guidance and help remotely. All of this contributes to improved cost efficiency without compromising quality.

Increased uptime through faster problem resolution and expert support

NewForge enables rapid problem resolution with the help of expert support. Equipment issues can be quickly addressed. This helps businesses ensure greater uptime, allowing for improved productivity, avoiding production delays, and increasing output. With NewForge’s real-time support platform with access to experienced professionals, manufacturing operations can remain at peak performance.

Customizable solutions to fit specific business needs and integrate with existing systems

NewForge also offers customizable enterprise level solutions, allowing businesses in the manufacturing industry to tailor it to their unique needs. This helps ensure seamless integration with existing systems. As a result, operations remain efficient and effective.

Challenge 4: Security and compliance

Manufacturers must take steps to ensure their security and compliance with industry regulations in order to protect sensitive data, and operations from cyberattacks, and prevent financial losses, reputational damage, and legal consequences.

How NewForge ensures security and compliance

NewForge is committed to protecting customer data and adhering to industry regulations. To ensure the security and compliance of its platform, NewForge employs robust security measures including data encryption, access controls, regular security audits, and adherence to ISO 27001 and GDPR standards. Here is how NewForge helps its customers remain secure and compliant.

Data encryption and access controls to protect sensitive information

NewForge takes data security seriously. We use data encryption during transmission and storage, ensuring customer data and communication is kept safe from unauthorized access. Access controls are also in place to restrict confidential data only to those with the proper authorization, minimizing the risk of any breaches.

Regular security audits and adherence to industry standards

NewForge conducts regular audits. These assessments help detect potential vulnerabilities and ensure that the platform’s safeguards are effective and current with industry best practices. By adhering to these standards, NewForge proactively mitigates risks and remains up-to-date with ever-evolving security requirements.

Compliance with regulations such as ISO 27001 and GDPR

NewForge is dedicated to meeting industry regulations and standards, such as ISO 27001 and GDPR. We demonstrate our commitment to protecting customer data by aligning with ISO 27001, the international benchmark for information security management systems. Customers can trust us to process and manage all personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The manufacturing industry is facing a number of challenges that can impede progress and profitability. NewForge provides a comprehensive platform that can help businesses address these issues, from delays and increasing output to security and compliance.