Unlocking the Potential of Assisted Reality

Manufacturing is an industry in constant evolution. The pursuit of efficiency, productivity, and safety has driven manufacturers to explore cutting-edge technologies. One such innovation, assisted reality, is making waves in the manufacturing sector, revolutionizing the way tasks are accomplished, problems are solved, and knowledge is shared. In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into the world of assisted reality, exploring its applications, benefits, and the pivotal role of NewForge Knowledge Place in driving this transformation.

The Power of Assisted Reality

Assisted Reality Defined: Assisted reality refers to a technology that blends the real world with digital elements, enhancing a user’s perception and interaction with their environment. In manufacturing, it’s much more than just a buzzword; it’s a game-changer.

Assisted Reality in Action: Instant Virtual Help

Imagine a scenario in a manufacturing plant where a maintenance technician encounters a complex issue with a piece of equipment. Traditionally, this could lead to a time-consuming process involving phone calls, emails, and perhaps even bringing in an expert from another location. However, with assisted reality, this process becomes remarkably streamlined.

  • Immediate Troubleshooting: In our scenario, let’s call our technician “Javier.” The very first check Javier performs is to ensure there’s no voltage present—an essential safety step. However, before he can even ascend to the equipment panel, he faces a hurdle.
  • Call for Support: Javier realizes there’s an issue he can’t resolve on his own. He decides to call for support. In this case, the expert he needs isn’t physically present. Instead, they are situated at an office, miles away. But thanks to assisted reality, the expert can see precisely what Javier is experiencing through his smart glasses.
  • Collaborative Troubleshooting: This collaborative approach allows them to troubleshoot the problem effectively. In this case, the issue was a directive for Javier to make a connection that was already occupied by another customer. The remote expert analyzes the situation, guiding Javier to the solution. He even marks up Javier’s view with visual cues to ensure a smooth resolution.
  • Error-Free Repairs: The beauty of this setup lies in its precision. With real-time visual communication and guidance, there’s minimal room for error. Javier and the expert work together seamlessly to complete the repair.

Enhancing Plant Operations

Efficiency Unleashed: Now, let’s transition to in-plant operations. Consider a traditional workflow where a worker must repeatedly switch between a piece of equipment they’re inspecting and a computer where they document their findings.

In contrast, a worker equipped with smart glasses can follow instructions hands-free. They see the instructions in their field of view, take measurements, and verbally record their findings. This process is not only efficient but also remarkably accurate.

For example, using devices like the RealWear HMT-1, workers can decrease completion times by a staggering 51%. This translates into significant time savings and enhanced overall productivity.

Choosing the Right Assisted Reality Tools

Diverse Hardware Options: Assisted reality offers a diverse selection of hardware devices, each tailored to specific needs and preferences. Whether you require a more robust solution, have specific PPE requirements, or are working within a strict budget, there’s a device that suits your unique needs.

Contact the NewForge team to learn about which device would suit your needs best.

Selecting Suitable Software: Similarly, there is a plethora of assisted reality software suites available. Some are tailored specifically for manufacturing, while others are more generic. Ease of use and cost-effectiveness are critical factors to consider. Enter NewForge Knowledge Place…

NewForge Knowledge Place: A Collaborative Core

Expertise Marketplace: The Knowledge Place is a hub where experts from various backgrounds offer their services. It centralizes knowledge, providing access to work instructions and collaborative troubleshooting.

A User-Friendly Approach: Using assisted reality is remarkably user-friendly. The platform aims to provide easy access to a marketplace of experts, facilitating seamless collaboration between your maintenance staff and knowledgeable professionals.

Simplified Deployment: The platform takes care of the intricacies of hardware and software selection and deployment, ensuring a smooth experience for end-users.

Reduced Costs and Enhanced Productivity: Connecting your maintenance personnel with a broader pool of experts reduces costs significantly. Travel requirements are minimized, leading to enhanced productivity and ultimately cost savings for your facility.

Become an Expert & Get Paid

Becoming an expert on the platform is a very simple process. You can request to join and, once approved, complete your profile, showcasing your skills and experience.

Experts have the opportunity to share their knowledge and get paid for it. The platform compensates experts for providing expertise to customers they might not have reached otherwise.

The Bigger Picture

Unlocking Knowledge and Expertise: Access to on-demand information and expertise presents a vast potential. Skilled technicians can leverage the knowledge of seasoned professionals to identify and solve equipment problems using assisted reality. This unlocks efficiencies, reduces downtime, and ultimately bolsters productivity and plant capacity.

Profit Margins and Employee Retention: The implementation of assisted reality leads to higher profit margins and improved employee retention. For instance, one organization reduced its engineer travel budget by 55%. Simultaneously, it introduced a new revenue stream by offering assisted reality as a service to end customers, gaining a decisive edge over competitors. Moreover, this approach contributes to a reduced carbon footprint, aligning with sustainability goals.

In summary, assisted reality is revolutionizing the manufacturing landscape by fostering collaboration, reducing costs, and enhancing productivity. It’s a game-changing technology with far-reaching implications for the industry’s future.